Quality & Sustainability

Amtrade is committed to meeting customer and regulatory requirements for the products and in the industries we supply.

Amtrade is committed to quality, corporate social responsibility, meeting customer and regulatory requirements, and acting ethically. We use sound business practices and work continually with suppliers, regulators and our customers to achieve this, including:

  • Operating in accordance with rigorous corporate policies and procedures, including Supplier Guidelines, Anti-Corruption and Sanctions, and Responsible Sourcing
  • Fulfilling NHVR Chain of Responsibility and Australian Modern Slavery Act requirements
  • Using robust systems, processes and controls to help assess and manage risk, quality, product safety and our performance
  • Maintaining external third-party / certification of our practices, reflected in our ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Standard certification, HACCP Codex Alimentarius certification, membership of Sedex (ethical sourcing) and RSPO (Responsible Sourcing of Palm Oil) licensing, to allow for the warehousing and supply of specialty food, feed and beverage related industry ingredients
  • Engaging with Australian importation agencies, our logistics partners, suppliers and industry groups (Sedex, ASCC, FIAAA, FTAA) to ensure regulatory requirements are met for working with new and existing products and suppliers
  • Undertaking audits and risk assessments of our practices and those of our suppliers, particularly for our customers in the Food & Beverage industries
  • Monitoring and assessing our suppliers’ performance against quality, HACCP and sustainable practice criteria to build confidence in our supply base to reduce risk
  • Maintaining compliance and monitoring our range of licenses, including AICIS, Scheduled Poisons-Victoria, APVMA.
  • Encouraging feedback from our suppliers and customers to identify opportunities for continuous improvement