Re-dispersible polymer powders

Product Profile – Re-dispersible polymer powders and specialty additives

Amtrade has had a long involvement in the re-dispersible powder market. Re-dispersible Polymer Powders and Specialty Additives are building material additives for modern dry mix mortars in construction.

Amtrade has recently been appointed exclusive Australian distributor for a leading global manufacturer of re-dispersible polymer powders and specialty additives. We are proud to bring these market-leading products to Australian customers as solutions that add value to their businesses.

Typical applications

  • Industrial and residential flooring, cement based self-levelling compounds and screeds, gypsum based floorings
  • Pumpable and hand-applied compounds, standard quality C1 and C2 tile adhesives (EN 12004), high-quality flexible tile adhesives C2S1 (EN 12004)
  • High-quality flexible adhesives suitable for outdoor applications C2S2 (EN 12004), floor and wall tiling
  • All different formats (large and small) of porous and non-porous tiles
  • Mineral and non-mineral substrates
  • Flooring and wall grouting
  • Cement-based grouts CG1 and CG2 (EN 13888)
  • All different format porous and non-porous tiles
  • Indoor and outdoor applications adhesive mortars
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • Waterproofing of flat roofs
  • Under-tile waterproofing and waterproofing of interior wet areas (showers, baths, kitchens)
  • Waterproofing of interior and exterior cellar walls
  • Sealing of sewage installations
  • Waterproofing of swimming pool
  • Waterproofing of water tanks
  • Surface protection of structural concrete and general building protection
  • Gypsum-based trowelling and jointing compounds
  • Interior applications where extended humidity resistance or water resistance of gypsum building products is required
  • Hand applied interior base coat plaster
  • Machine applied interior base coat plaster
  • Interior finishing / Skim coat plaster
  • Interior and exterior base coat renders
  • Interior and exterior finishing renders and skim coats, cement-free interior and exterior decorative wall finishes
  • Cement-free base coats and textured decorative coats for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)
  • Polymer-based skim coats
  • Polymer plaster, jointing, smoothing and levelling compounds
  • Wall paper adhesives

If you’d like to learn more, please contact one of Amtrade’s industry experts.

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